It's Open Enrollment Time!


Annual Enrollment for Medicare and The Affordable Care Act Plan is here.


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There are many new plans and choices coming for 2023. Call 318-651-0047 for an appointment.  There is never a charge to you for my services.




Medicare Annual Enrollment Period:


Annual Enrollment for Medicare begins OCTOBER 15, 2022 and ends DECEMBER 7, 2022. (Click on Products offered tab for more information). Your plan choice will become effective January 1, 2023.  We are able to show you plan options from










We can also help you with fiding a Medicare Supplement Plan and a Prescription Drug Plan.  We urge you to please schedule an appointment to look at ALL your options.  Call The Roanita Jenkins Insurance Agency Inc. today for help with the enrollment process.   Call 318-651-0047 for an appoinment. 


 Your healthcare decision is certainly one of the most important decisions you will have to make.  With our agency, you get the FREE knowledge and expertise of an independent agent with over 23 years of experience to help with not only enrolling in a plan but with explaining your benefits to you, checking your providers,  confirming your prescription drugs are covered and ensuring you have a full understanding of how your plan benefits work.  There is NO CHARGE to you to use our agency. 


 The advantage to you for using our agency is we are able to show you EVERYTHING!!    Every plan available to you, from every major carrier. We are you one stop shop for MEdicare. We are available to you to ensure you are making the best decision for you and your loved ones.  Again, we show you ALL plans available to you, from ALL  major carriers to ensure you have all the information you need in the decision making process. Let us serve you.  Call for your FREE enrollment appointment.  318-651-0047. We are eager to serve you!



The Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment: 


As part of the Affordable Care Act, The Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment begins November 1, 2020 through December 14, 2020. The effective date for plans will be January 1, 2021.




Individuals and Small Businesses have an opportunity to purchase health insurance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. I have earned the designation, CHRS, Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist, and I am qualified and certified to guide your through the entire process of understanding the Affordable Care Act and enrolling in a Health Insurance Marketplace Plan.  I will help you compare plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace and assist you in determining if you qualify for Advanced Premium Tax Credit, APTC.  (This is money to help you pay for your monthly insurance premiums.)  Let me help you with the decision making process.  Call 318-651-0047 today and schedule your FREE appointment.  There is NO COST TO YOU for me to assist you with the process from beginning to end.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.




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Medicare Plan Options


     Medicare 2020 open enrollment is upon us. Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, AEP, begins October 1 - December 7, 2019. You have the ability to choose your Medicare Plan for 2020 and make changes to your existing Medicare Plan. There are many new plan options.  You owe it to yourself to look at ALL options from ALL companies and compare plan benefits, provider networks, prescription drug costs and many other important factors. We are able to show you plan options from ALL major carriers to include:








As you know, Original Medicare has deductibles and coinsurance and does not cover all your Medicare eligible expenses. When looking at your Medicare options, there are many things you should consider, to include, your monthly budget and expenses, your overall health condition, the monthly premiums of a Medicare Plan, the provider network, the medical benefits of the Medicare Plan and the cost of your prescription drugs and the prescription drug coverage Donut Hole.

     There are many types of Medicare Plans, to choose from such as Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans. There are significant differences between the two. We can help you understand the differences and help you in the decision making process.

     If you are just aging into Medicare, call and let Roanita Jenkins, a licensed insurance agent with an extensive knowledge of Medicare, sit down and talk with you about Original Medicare and your Medicare options. You have many options from various companies. Remember, your choice should be made on what is best for you. Everyone's medical needs and financial situations are different.

     Call today and schedule your Appointment or Home Visit. Before you buy, call RJI, Agency, INC at 318-651-0047.  There is NEVER a fee to you for using my services.